The days of turning away credit repair prospects are over.

Start monetizing your leads and earning residual income with a DIY credit repair solution.
We create your logo and give you a stunning website. Just choose the design you like.


1 Click Import

Wow your users with the one click import feature. All 3 reports and scores will automatically import, negative items tagged and ready to start disputing in seconds.

Unlimited Disputes

Unlike traditional credit repair, we give users the freedom to dispute as many negative credit items as they want, however they want and whenever they want.

Smart Logic

Credit repair does not have to be complicated; our smart logic takes out all the guesswork. When a reason to dispute is chosen, the system automatically selects the appropriate letter to send.

Mail It For You

This amazing DIY system allows users to print and mail the disputes or, with a simple click a button they can choose to have the letters printed and mailed for them.

Totally Customizable

We can customize your site to suit your business with custom credit building offers, custom credit monitoring packages and custom branding.

Then, choose the affiliate offers you want to display. These are just examples, tell us what offers to include and we will embed them within the credit building offers page for you.

Start generating revenue immediately.

Start Monetizing

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